The method of TELEANGITRON®
TELEANGITRON® operates on the basis of a combination method of two electrical currents using a 24ct gold probe. Initially a weak galvanic electrolysis current is applied to interact with the moisture and salts which occur naturally in the skin an to form an alkaline solution (sodium hydroxide). A second, radio frequency current is then applied to activate the alkaline solution at the tip of the probe and selectively destroy the chosen blood vessels. The result: immediate and gentle treatment of telangiectasia (with minimal irritation to surrounding skin) or virtually pain-free epilation.

The high efficiency of the treatment - absolutely free of scars and without any effect on the pigments - is due to the interaction and individual control of the galvanic and the radio frequency current. You don't need any standardized programmes! Your capability how to use
TELEANGITRON®individually, decides upon achieving really good results.

- the gentle treatment

and its essential points:
The DC-elektrolysis current is turned on and the gold probe inserted onto the tissue.
The radio frequency current is then applied and a combination of the two currents used to either destroy the tissue or epilate.
The blend of currents is optimised to the individual requirements of each patient so ensuring the optimum effect for every treatment
The radio frequency current is turned off and after a moment - allow the alkaline solution to take maximum affect - the probe is then withdrawn from the tissue (with only the DC still on).

  Kauter Laser TELEANGITRON®
action thermic thermic chemical / cold
effect to the tissue coagulation coagulation destruction
effect to the pigments yes yes no
pain big middle no / small
scarring much middle none
costs few very high few
allowed to be used by doctor doctor assistant or cosmetician